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NY Stars 2020-21 Season Info

05/31/2020, 10:30am EDT
By NY Stars


We hope you are all doing well and staying safe.  Below this email are some questions and answers you may have about the upcoming season.


Under these circumstance there are a lot of questions that still cannot be answered but we did our best at what we think you may need to know at this time.


Below are just a few things you need to know on how the signing process will go. These are NY State & LIAHL rules that we must abide by for the upcoming season. Since there will be no on ice tryouts until September(tentatively) here is how teams will be selected.


14U, Bantam 15U, 16U, Midget 18U Midget ONLY -


The Tier I organizations may have players who are interested in playing for them for the 2020-2021 season sign a commitment form (will be on our website soon) binding players to their Tier I Tournament Bound Rosters on June 1st, 2nd & 3rd. They must have their signed commitment forms and team rosters to the State and LIAHL by June 4th, 7 pm.  These are their rosters for the season.  The 2 player movement rule will apply meaning they may only take 2 players at that level from any LIAHL organization.


Tier II organizations may begin signing players June 4th, 5th & 6th to their Tier II Tournament Bound Rosters Only.  They must have their rosters to the State & LIAHL by June 7th at 7 pm. The players who sign are bound to the teams for next season. The 2 player movement rule will apply meaning they may only take 2 players at that level from any LIAHL organization


Tier III organizations may have players sign June 7th, 8th & 9th and must have forms to the State & LIAHL by June 10th. The 2 player rule movement rule will apply meaning they may only take 2 players at that level from any LIAHL organization


8U, Mites, 10U, Squirts 12U Peewee


June 11th Mite, Squirt and Peewees may sign commitment forms and any organization can add players to their remaining tournament bound & non-tournament bound rosters.  The 2 player movement rule will apply meaning they may only take 2 players at that level from any LIAHL organization.


Now that you have read please see below for answers to questions you may have.  If you still have questions after reading it please get back to me and I will get back to you as soon as possible


This season will most likely not be like any other as there will be many rules to follow.  We still do not have an answer on if we will be able to have full teams playing on the ice, traveling out of state, allowed to do tournaments or even allowed to use locker rooms.  


The commitment form will be on our website shortly as well as being sent to you via email.  



Stay Well, Be Safe

Lisa Davie &

GNYCIHL Board of Directors





What do I need to do for my player to be considered for a New York Stars Travel Team?


In order to be considered for a roster spot you must complete the commitment form and send back via email June 4th, 5th and no later than June 6th so we have all  the information we need to begin the process of signing players and respond to those players interested in signing from outside of GNY


Will GNYCIHL charge a signing fee even though there are no tryouts?


GNYCIHL will not be collecting a signing fee at this time as any player who signs the player commitment form is bound to the 2020-21 team they sign up for and also responsible for the 2020-2021 season fee.


How will Travel payments be paid & what is fee for the upcoming season?


At this time we do not have enough information to determine a fair Travel fee for the 2020-2021 season.  We will be collecting a deposit of $500 at the time of Contract signing(no date yet),  and will let you know what the travel fee will be once we have a better understanding of how the travel season will play out.


What if I sign a contract but I lose my job and can no longer afford to pay the travel fee?


As per NYSAHA rules, the contracts will include a COVID-19 Financial Hardship Refund Policy.  A hardship under this policy must be directly related to COVID-19, meaning your financial hardship occurred after signing the contract and prior to August 1, 2020.  Any player who receives a COVID-19 Financial Hardship Refund will not be eligible to play travel hockey with any other organization for the 2020-2021 Travel Season.


I have been getting calls from other organization to commit to their team for next season prior to commitment dates stated.  How do I handle this?


If you are getting pressured to sign to another organization you should reach out to a GNYCIHL Board Member to discuss any issues. Also be aware that any signing prior to the official commitment dates are non-binding for both parties. You should also report any misconduct to the Long Island Amateur Hockey League because your player/team could be penalized if you sign the form prior to the official commitment date.


How many players will be selected to a team?


We are looking to select the same number of players that we would under normal circumstances, unless COVID-19 guidance mandates that we have to roster less players. We know that you have many more questions concerning the rink, masks, locker rooms, etc.  We will be waiting for guidance from the State & City and as soon as we hear back from them we will notify you of all the new rules, regulations, and guidelines that must be followed.


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